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Monday, June 9, 2008

Mosaic Monday, June 9

1. Medium Zip pouches, 2. Twinkle mini quilt, 3. ...cushion for pins..., 4. Great Aunt Irma mini quilt detail, 5. Dots, 6. Godisgrytlapp!, 7. Flower purse, 8. coeur_escargot_, 9. Próximo a ir à tesoura, 10. Peony, 11. small leaves, 12. WIP: Pink Poppy Sunrise, 13. garden.craft, 14. Happy Tuesday, 15. More Doodle Fun, 16. Little Italy

Nice and summer-y, eh? And speaking of which, I think I probably won't go to the Big Smoke tomorrow. I like London in theory, but I don't care much for the dust, noise and throngs of people, add to that warm weather and I wouldn't be a happy camper. Although, of course, I could change my mind, but that I won't know until I suddenly find myself on a smelly tube train wedged between a German tourist in orthopaedic sandals and a business man in a fancy suit. Oh wells. I'm woman, it's my prerogative to change my mind, right?

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