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June 4, 2008

Sentimental bread

Sunday morning we had a Danish breakfast. Obviously, we were in Denmark. But you see, in Denmark we have these special rolls that you eat (usually) only for breakfast. They are crunchy on the outside and light fluffy on the inside. And to make it even more Danish you have pålægschokolade on it. The particular roll in the picture is a 'birkes', my favourite. Other kinds inlcude: rundstykker, håndværkere and many more.

Before I moved to England I would only rarely eat white bread fro breakfast, and never for lunch. In Denmark most people grow up eating rye bread for lunch, and for breakfast too, sometimes. Certainly, in my family you could only have white bread after you'd eaten your rye bread. Sort of like a treat. Not because white bread is more expensive or anything. Nope, it's just not as good for you as the fibres in rye bread. I still feel a little naughty when I have white bread for lunch.

But nice rye bread is really difficult to find over here. Most of what I've tried so far is sort of dry and hard. Which is so wrong. It's supposed to be slightly moist and slightly soft. The most successful versions I've found here are actually made in Germany. Which makes sense, I guess, because the English don't want this kind of bread. They can only just get themselves to eat bread with a little bit of fibres. But what's not to love about a slice of rye & sunflower seed bread with egg slices with salt and lots of pepper? Eating it in the sunshine, picnic style, looking out over the Bay of Århus, only makes it better.

Did I mention that we had brilliant sunshine? We did. All weekend. It was amazing. Made me long for Denmark even more than usual. Summer in Denmark is the best. Not because of the sunshine and that. You can get that in many places. No. It's the light. Although Denmark isn't that far north, you still have light in the evening until almost midnight in high summer and even in the middle of the night there's still a little hint of light in the air.

Sometimes leaving Denmark is very, very difficult indeed. I don't know if Tony realises why I insist on always having a window seat on the plan, but this is why: so I can catch that very first glimpse of Denmark and follow the landscape until we land; and looking down on the lakes and hills and fields until the clouds block them from view when we go back.

I'm only feeling a little sentimental today.

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