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June 10, 2008

This was lunch

A tiny bit of leftover veg & beans with mini farfalle (pasta bows), croissant and a bit of the the veg & bean salad I'm having for dinner tonight (made this morning, I just couldn't wait!).

Veg & bean salad is so yummy and simply to make. Finely chop half an onion, chop some tomatoes and peppers, mix with a tin of beans (or less, depends how bean-y you feel), a bit of olive oil, juice of half a lime fruit, a pinch of chilli, paprika, garlic powder and some salt and pepper. If you've got some tex-mex lying around, you could add some of that too. Leave in the fridge and eat cold as is, or in a roll as a sandwich. Heating it and having it in a roll is also nice. Very fresh and summery.

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