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July 29, 2008

Dino paper for Nephew

It's Nephew's birthday next week, but in all likelihood we won't be seeing him on the day. Tony's dad is coming round today to pick up birthday present for Nephew's dad, so he's picking up Nephew's as well.

So I needed to wrap them, but realised that we didn't have enough kiddie wrapping paper! And I'm too busy (read: I can't be bothered to shower and comb my hair just for that) to pop down to the shops, so what to do?! Well, make it myself, of course! So brown paper and markers to the rescue.

The bit of kiddie paper we did have, had dinos on it, and we're giving him a dino pop-up book, so of course it had to be dinos on the brown paper too. A quick google search for some reference dinos and here we are, present all wrapped. Ready to be RIPPED open. Just as it should be. ;-)

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