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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Animal bags

Oh look, look! Crafting has taken place! These are the bags for the Nephew and Niece for the wedding (6 weeks left!!!) I dare say, they are rather cute. Owing mostly to the fabric of course. I just love that fabric! So cute, but not sickly cute.

We are still struggling with what to put in the bag for Niece. How can we amuse a 1 3/4 year old girl? Any suggestions? Something that will fir in this bag! ;-)

And something else. I haven't made a pincushion in ages, so yesterday I made one. And, er, I've cut some fabric for a few more. Not sure what exactly I'm going to do with 5+ pincushions. Oh well. I can always use them as juggling balls! That would be a nice trick for the wedding, eh?

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