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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ben 10 cake, man!

Everyone survived the birthday party! Ok, it wasn't that crazy. Just a bit, er, LOUD! They had hired a chap to entertain the kiddies and he was quite good. Magic tricks, balloon animals, little prezzies for all the kids, and just general goofing around. And of course cake.

I ended up taking quite a few pictures (because how can you only take a couple?) of the goings on. Fun! Never mind wedding photography, kids have the best parties; I'd love to be a kiddie party photographer! Now if only I had a decent camera. ;-)

Of course, these pictures aren't great representational stuff by any means. However, I do like this kind of stuff. And perhaps they are more like a party than anything sharp and in focus? Plus they protect the identity of the wee ones. Can't be too careful, yanno.

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