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August 1, 2008

For my sister

Maaaany years ago, my sister bought this cd, and I borrowed it and fell in love with it. It is a rather quirky cd, full of interesting combinations of sound. Think Beck, but different. Er.

Well, in the last few years it seems to have gone walkabouts. Which is a real shame, being the really, really great cd that it is. So the other day I decided that, dagnammit, I'm going to buy it so I can listen to it again.

I got it off eBay for £3. Not bad, eh? Great music to listen to while I send some thoughts over to my sister (hej H!) in California.

The artist, by the way, is Imani Coppola and the cd is called Chupacabra. You can see the video for the best know song from the album over on Youtube, it's called Legend of a Cowgirl.

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