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August 6, 2008

Patchy colours

This is still a craft blog. Honest, guv'! But I've just not had a lot of time to make anything. Well, nothing new and interesting, anyway. But I am still working on this once in a while. Still can't decide how big this is going to be. Big enough for our bed, perhaps. Cot sized? Lap sized? Just can't make up my mind.

But I can't work on it for too long at a time, because then the colour combinations go stale and predictable. And I want it to be fresh and pretty.

Like, grab a handful of scraps and use them together no matter which ones they are. Not always easy, because I find myself editing the scraps to find the 'perfect' combination. Which may or may not exist, but the point is I want it to appear on its own, not force it. If that makes sense...

I just posted a new, er, post over on Feeling Stitchy, which involves a new (so, I guess I was fibbing a bit above) embroidery project type thing that I've started. Quite fun.

Also, today I baked a cake! I usually leave the cake making to Tony, but today I thought "I am going to make a chocolate cake!" And so I did. I like having an idea that I can act on then and there. Instant gratification... ;-)

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