Thursday, August 28, 2008

Phursday Phaves

1. susanestellekwas 2. luludee 3. belleandboo 4. yumiyumi 5. sugarloop 6. thepeachpit 7. ArtOfAndrewDaniel 8. budanART 9. allthingsgrow

Some of my current favourites from Etsy. Prettilicious artwork.

Where we live, a lot of people seem unable to pronounce Thursday properly. It sounds more like Fursday. Or Phursday. It's an example of the Estuary dialect. It is a very interesting phenomenon. Especially for someone who has learnt English as a second language. Proper English, mind. Sometimes I haven't got a clue what people are talking about because of this silly dialect. 'fankew', for example, can you guess what that means? ;-)

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