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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ready to go travelling journal project

If you're reading this in a reader, I'm sorry that I keep renewing the same post, but this is the easiest way of making sure that everyone sees the stuff I add to this post. ;-)

Right-o, before I send off the journal to the first participant, I just want to make sure I've not missed anyone who wanted to play. So here are the people who have sent me their (mailing) addresses:

Solveig ::: Jen L ::: Nichole ::: Jen R ::: Jen F ::: Nicky (no blog. Yet?) ::: Miss Stacey ;-) ::: Jo ::: Jen S ::: Viv ::: Lindsey ::: and then there's me.

If this is all of us, it means that you lot will all get to do 2 spreads in the journal. Woohoo! Since we are now 12 people in this, only some of you will get to do 2 spreads - I'll pick those people at random once we get a bit closer to everyone having done their (first) spread.

And I'm hoping you will all agree to these few "rules":
- use something from the envelope you receive the journal in
- please send me an email when you receive the journal; I'll set up a map (google map, perhaps) so we can keep track of it. At least I think this sort of thing is fun. Control freak that I am!
- if you all think it is a good idea, I'll set up a Flickr group for us to add pictures to
- you want a deadline, so here it is: you've got 2 weeks to do your spread. If you get it done sooner, don't sit on the journal (you really shouldn't do that anyway), but send it on its way as soon as it's ready!

Please email me if I've left you out or if you just decided you'd like to play - we still have room for a few more people, 19 total.

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