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August 19, 2008

Why are titles so hard to think of?

I had to go to London today. Tony got a new bike and it was delivered to a shop by Fenchurch St Station, but since he already had his other bike, he needed someone to get the new one home. Very exciting for you to know, right?

I had every intention of going to the Royal Academy of Art to see the Hammershøi exhibition, but then I didn't. I got, er, sidetracked by the several stories of books and magazines in Borders in Oxford Street! But I did spot this bit of street art in Tottenham Court Road. It looked familiar somehow, and so it is; a similar one was posted over on the Wooster Collective blog. But no other information 'bout it. But... I think that is the intriguing thing about street art.

I've still not got round to looking through my Stonehenge etc pictures, but I did manage to do a quick drawing of it. I wish I could have had more time to draw it. It was quite lovely in the morning sun...

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