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October 18, 2008

Rising baking standards

And just as you thought this blog had decided to deal only with our wedding (3 weeks ago today!) and related matters, here's a batch of baking to prove the opposite.

But I am not the bread maker in this instance, Tony is! And that is a novelty, because his usual domain has been cakes. He is branching out from the sweet stuff to the more savoury stuff. I love some nice bread. Yum! Although, these did not turn out too well. The dough didn't rise properly and the toasted sesame seeds made it taste very salty. Not a happy bread experience, sadly!

However, he got himself a baking book yesterday so there will be more bread in the future I have no doubt. And hopefully, the dough rising troubles are solved as we now have live yeast. I've lived in England for three years and never before have I had such a thing in my possession! In Denmark you can buy it in most supermarkets without any difficult or having to search for it.

But here you have to ask a baker to give you live yeast. This is what you must do to get some live yeast! And he (or she) must give it to you! Apparently, superstition says that if they don't, they risk that their next dough will not rise properly. The guy (at Tesco) didn't bat an eyelid when we asked for some live yeast, he just got a bag and gave us about 50 grams. For free. We'll try some other supermarkets too, to see which ones will hand over the yeast. :-)

I can't wait to make some bread and a pizza with proper yeast!

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