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Monday, November 24, 2008

Mosaic Monday, November 24

1. IMG_5333, 2. Needlecase #1, 3. red is a slow colour, 4. Untitled, 5. Empezó la navidad en casita, 6. Saquinhos de Natal 3, 7. castle on linen, 8. bokeh, 9. leaf2, 10. Carrusel musical, 11. Oh, my darlin', 12. leaf1, 13. Vintage apron illustration, 14. Muñeca para Saskia, 15. turquoise necklace, 16. winterbag

Feeling a bit cold and gloomy tonight. Very cold today! Atleast this mosiac is bright and cheerful.

Just to clarify, Woolies is not closing down. (Not yet, anyway.) It is a possibility, certainly, but hopefully only some stores will be closed while others will survive. We simply don't know yet. There are several different scenarios, but it is a bit boring to get into all that. This blog is supposed to be a happy place, after all!

However, you can do a little bit to convince the powers up above that Woolies should stay open (in some form), by going there and spending some cash. Until the 27th (of Nov.) you can even get 20% off most things, apart from dvds and cds, books and games, which are 10% off. Email me and I'll send you a pdf 'Friends & Family' voucher you can print out.

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