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November 11, 2008

New for the wall

Look, look, look!! We've finally put some more art on the wall! Until Saturday it was only the lady in the black hat in all her beauty, but now we have three more frames on the wall!

This is a print we bought in Rome. It shows the basilica in the Forum. In the background you can just see the Colosseum. It was a choice between this print and one of the Colosseum. But we liked that building "in person" and it's a bit different than just good old Colosseum. ;-)

The E.T. is from waaaaay back in the 80s when I was little kid with an E.T. t-shirt. ;-)

Here is my own Floral Fancy gocco print along with two prints I got from the Lab Partners Etsy shop. Those two prints are not available any more, I don't think.

This one is from whatkatiedoes. I lurrrrve it! I loved it so much, in fact, that I bought one for my dad for his birthday. He collects old cameras, so this is perfect for his office. I bought my one probably a couple of months before his birthday, in August, and it's been sitting in its frame since then, waiting to go up on the wall. ;-)

It is weird how having a few new frames on the wall really changes how the room feels. It feels good, though. It is nice to have something pretty to look at.

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