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Friday, November 21, 2008


Crafting, and stuff, is still happening here. But, this being the "Golden Quarter", it is very busy at work so I am working more at the moment. Which means I barely see the light of day. And never at a time when it is possible for me to take some photos of said crafting. Which is annoying, I like to document what I make so I can tell myself: look! just look at those pictures of that stuff; you made that, whaddaya mean you never get anything done?! just shut up already. jeeez!

But enough about my conversations with myself.

I've installed the newest version of Gimp and it looks like saving in CMYK and Lab is actually possible now. Although I have yet to try it... I'm too busy working through the pictures from our wedding. Yes, that album is still not anywhere near done. I really should be working on the pictures this very minute, but obviously I'm not. I blame it on my dear husband, he said "can you please move the stuff from the old computer that you put on the external drive onto your new computer." Why, certainly!

So I'm doing exactly that, while reading feeds in Google Reader - I have finally taken the jump from Bloglines. For the last month (probably more) it was acting weird and I eventually got tired of it. So.

Anyway, this can't possibly be of any interest to you... or can it? Heh.

And something completely unrelated: how do you write an 'about me' page? I feel like I should have one, yet I haven't got a clue what to write on it. I don't want to seem too... self-loving.. I can't think of the English word... I'd be grateful for any advice.

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