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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There is no customer service at our local post office

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

The people that work in the post office are fucking useless. Although, to be fair, it isn't their fault. However, the way they deal with customers is very much their fault.

So. There was a note in the post box yesterday that ParcelForce had tried to deliver a parcel for me. But I wasn't it. I was at work. On the note it says: bring this note and a form of identification to collect your parcel. So I take my little note and my passport to the post office. But they won't give the parcel to me because I haven't got anything with my address* on it. "It is not us, it is Parcel Force that tells us that". Nowhere on the note does it say 'proof of id and address'. The woman does go to look for the parcel after I start arguing with her, but it turns out that the parcel is not even there! WTF?

So I leave and I am so incensed that I call the Parcel Force people to see what the hell is up with that. The guy I spoke to had to admit that no, it doesn't say anything on the note about address. He then checks to see where my parcel is at, and on their system it says that it has been delivered to the post office late yesterday afternoon, signed for, scanned on the system and everything. So I go back to the post office and say "look, I just spoke to Parcel Force, they say you can give me the parcel". But the woman (another one, but just as useless) says "no, we haven't got it, my colleague looked for you; look it's not here." How am I supposed to know that all their delivered parcels would be right there? No backroom? Apparently, it hasn't been actually transferred to the post office, but is sitting godknowswhere until 24 hours after it has been attempted delivered.

So, it is really Parcel Force's fault for having misleading delivery notes and a system that is inaccurate. But. The thing that really pisses me off is how those stupid bitches didn't even apologise for the inconvenience or for the note being misleading. They were just "nope, can't do it. Not our fault." Not a sorry, not nothing.

I was very obviously upset, but none of them offered to call Parcel Force to see where the parcel was. This is what I would have done, had I been working there. I even asked if there was somewhere I could pick it up myself. But no. No can do.

So now I can't get the parcel until the weekend, because the post office isn't open before I go to work or when I finish work. Just great.

*Danish passports do not have your address on it.

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