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November 14, 2008

Trees and secrets

This is a terrible picture... and the light wasn't even that bad when I took the picture. Or, I guess, maybe it was. Never mind. I'm just so excited about these Christmas trees that I had to share. I'm sorry that you can't properly see how happy and pretty the colours are together. I'll take some better pictures tomorrow!

Ooh, and I've got a tutorial to share with you! But I can't do that until after Christmas because it is part of a present for my sister and she reads the blog. And I don't want her to get even a sniff of what'll be under that tree! ;-) I like surprises, yes I do.

And speaking of Christmas, here's some Danish Christmas paper from... last year, I think. For some reason, when I'm not feeling well, I get this urge to tidy and purge, and I found this in one of cupboards in the sideboard. I do really like it (it is green!), but seeing as I've not used it for anything since I got it, it's gotta go. But in stead of just putting it in the bin, I thought maybe one of you could use it. It is used, it was wrapped around a present, and I have cut a bit from it to paste into my sketchbook. But there should be enough to use for... something (but probably best not to use it for anything intended to sell). The design, by the way, is either taken directly from, or inspired by papercuts by Hans Christian Andersen.

So, if you want it, it's yours (first come, first serve). Send me an email with your address.

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