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December 7, 2008

Big sigh

Picture from yesterday - we went to a Christmas fair... "Victorian Christmas Market". Nothing Victorian about it whatsoever. Quite disappointing. We did see these Morris dancers. Interesting. I'd show you a few more pictures, but I just can't be bothered. Heh. Too knackered.

Work was manic today. As was Friday. There's a 'up to 50% off' sale going on at work at the moment and that makes the shop VERY busy. Which is good. But also bad. Because there are people everywhere, some of them very rude and most of them really lazy. Why is it that when people go shopping they leave any kind of normal politeness at the door? Along with their ability to read price tags and put things back where they picked them up? I do not get it. It is so selfish.

Working in a shop means that I no longer have any kind of delusions about my fellow humans; most are rude, stupid and lazy. But we have to be polite and nice to everyone. Blech. Secretly we want to wring the neck of every one of them with their same question for the umpteeenth time. Gahh.

And the thing that I'm really getting fed up with is the variations on "so when do you close down?" We don't know. We don't know if we will close down. We know as much as everyone else. But thank you for your incessant reminding us that we might be out of a job soon.

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