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December 23, 2008


Hey, hey, a little sneak peek at the painting I'm working on. I'm soooooo happy with it. I want to finish it now, now, now so I can see what it will actually look like!


Wow. Crazy day at work today. I mean, crazier than usual at the moment. This morning, a shelf full of glasses fell off its arms and all the glass crashed on the floor, just a couple of inches from where I was sitting on the floor. But somehow not a single bit of glass hit me. My legs were still shaking 20 minutes later, though. Bloody hell.

And half an hour before I finished work there was a fight (!!!!) between some customers. Not entirely sure what the hell it was all about. People got spat on and hit in the face/head (two of my colleagues who were trying to break it up and get a baby out of harm's way), smashed lamps and glasses on the floor. 4 or 5 policemen, our security guard and the management and who knows how many colleagues trying to break it up.

Nice with a bit of drama, eh? Atleast it gives me something sort of interesting to blog about, right? ;-)

Heh, and as I was leaving work, I got in the queue to buy some bits; I was clearly not working, I had my coat on, my bag and a pile of stuff to pay for. And yet, a customer came up to me and said "excuse me, have you got so and so?!" I just looked at her and said "sorry, not working right now" and carried on with what I was doing. I really felt like adding a 'fuck off', but the situation didn't call for that, after all. ;-)

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