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January 22, 2009

1,000 thanks!

Yeah, I can't believe it either! 1,000 posts! That's insane! And that's not even counting the drafts that never got anywhere. So, to celebrate the insanity I'm having a giveaway. Just a wee one (my current circumstances, as you know, do not allow for much postage spending, unfortunately!), but a pretty one, nonetheless. So if you would like a wee, pretty thing, please help me celebrate by leaving a comment.

Please remember to fill in the email bit, noone will see it but me, and I will need to contact you! Also, if you will humour me and pick one word that describes either me or the blog, that would be awesome. I could draw lots out of a hat, but I'm not gonna do that; I'll let Tony read the comments and the one word description that he thinks fits me/the blog best, will receive something pretty in the mail. Yes, sir. Ya got until midnight on Saturday.

And can I just say, thank you very much for stopping by. It makes it a bit less insane to have written 1,000 blog posts when there are actually people reading them! Although that is not the reason I write a blog. Nice to know I'm not just blabbering to myself! So thank you! :-)

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