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January 30, 2009

Along Brompton Road

Coming from Sloane Street, this is the back of Harrod's. I love those columns. Sorry about the low detail visibility, this picture (and the following) was taken with my mobile...

Can anyone tell me why the world needs THAT?!

A sneaky shot inside Divertimenti in Brompton Road. They have pretty much everything you could want for your cooking. I bought some bits for my baker husband.

If you have ever been to the Natural History Museum in London you have (hopefully!!) noticed all the details on the walls. And the floor and the ceiling. It really is one of the kick-ass beautifullest (erm, is that even a word) building in all of London.

Some pink blossoms outside the NHM. So pretty. But is pink ever NOT pretty?

Still the NHM, seen from Brompton Road. The picture does not do it justice. It is so beautiful. The contrast between the grey and the "yellow" stone is stunning.

This poster always makes me smile. It reminds me of Doozers. :-)

I didn't get a lot of drawing done, but I am happy with the few I did do. All at the V&A. My goal was to draw at the NHM, but there aren't really anywhere you can sit down and draw the dino bones plus it was absolutely teeming with kiddies. So I gave up on that.

...I feel like I should be quite excited about going to London. It is one of the top want-to-visit cities in the world, after all. But it just leaves me absolutely exhausted whenever I go there. Tony's theory is that it's the train ride there that knocks me out. Maybe that is part of it. But it's just so huge. And there are soooo many people everywhere, and the noise.

Am I the only one who feels overwhelmed by the Big City?

PS: I am terribly behind on email replies. I apologise. I shall get on it as soon as possible. :-)

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