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January 7, 2009

Seriously, I NEED all of the following

Glass for growing hyacinth. It is GREEN, need I say more?

A FAKE deer trophy. Cute. So cute.

A porcelain grater. For garlic, yes. Would be so much easier to clean than one of those garlic presses. Which I haven't got. Exactly because it is such a bore to clean.
A mug which you can write on with chalk. SE-RI-OUS-LY. I could make Tony a cup of tea and write on it: I *heart* you.

Ohhhh dear, this cake stand is so simple and pretty and elegant. Of course, at chez moi it would be used to hold some of the delicious cakes my dear husband makes.

All these lovely things, and more, are available from the Danish shop called Tiger. Pronounced 'teeer', not how you think you should pronounce it. If you are very lucky (you live in Denmark) you can go to a Tiger shop right in your own country too: England, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Iceland and the Netherlands. PS: what does "Lekker surfen in het donker" mean?

I guess it is a dead give away whenever a trip to Denmark draws near. I get to thinking about things I want/need to do while there, places I'd like to go, food I'd like to eat and little things I want to take home with me. And it is always silly things I take home. Like, bordering on ridiculous: washing up brushes! But, you see, the English do their dishes with a cloth, or sometimes a sponge. Bizarre. Which of course is the reason why they don't know how to make a proper washing up brush. ;-)

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