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February 17, 2009

Early bird or night owl..?

Why is it... that I feel most inspired and ready to make things late at night when, really, I should be going to bed (or be sleeping already!)

It is quite frustrating, really, because I feel this readyness in my mind to go go go. But I can't, and don't really want to, either. Because I also like getting up early and start the day before most of the world is awake. Ideally, I'd get up at half past six-ish and get straight on with doing stuff. But only rarely does that happen.

During the day... There are so many things to do and make.. so many ideas to chase after. But often there are things that need doing (you know, doing the dishes, cleaning, shopping etc), boring things. Which I procrastinate on. However, I do have just enough discipline in me to not allow myself to do the creative things before the "chores" are done with. So if I am procrastinating on those, I don't always get going on the creative stuff until it is too late and I have to start thinking about preparing dinner and such... it's a vicious circle, I guess.

I like the quiet at night when there are no distractions, the requirements of the day are gone. I also like the quiet and the freshness of the early morning. But I can't have both. Just not sure how to pick one over the other.

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