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February 19, 2009

More gocco cleaning

I spent a good deal of time yesterday cleaning the screen for this gocco print. Not easy! Took a lot of scraping and swearing under my breath. You can see the progression of the cleaning from top right and clockwise. I was actually able to clean it acceptably.

Certainly not so that the standard of the print is something I would try to sell as an arty print. But well enough to use on greeting cards - I think I printed about 20 of them this afternoon!

And the thing about having a clogged screen that looks like it is beyond hope; it is not necessarily so. Because if you can clean it to some degree and then start printing with it, that will help with the de-clogging as well. A great deal, actually. And in the process you get interesting prints like these. Kinda like a monoprint because you can never make it the same way again.

I really like this one, all runny and grubby with water and olive oil residue.

Say what now?! Olive oil? Yup! You don't get a lot in a gocco cleaner tube, so I've been looking online to find alternatives. Somewhere I saw olive oil mentioned. And it actually works like a charm getting rid of the gocco ink (for paper!)

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