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February 3, 2009

Snowiest day

Yesterday morning, circa 6:40 AM.

My favourite. Whatever those things are on the tree, it looks like Christmas decorations!

I love the silence snow brings to everything. And I love the quiet sound of the snowflakes falling, like a very faint jingling of bells.

Yesterday morning, circa 7:20 AM.

Yesterday morning, circa 9:00 AM.

Yesterday afternoon, I made Tony go for a walk with me. It was slippery and cold. But look how beautiful the church looked! Like a Christmas card!

Today it isn't snowing, but the snow is still on the ground. And there's a clear blue sky. Pretty! And the car tracks in the snow have frozen over night so when cars drive over them it makes the most delicious crunching sound.

It's a funny old thing with this snow. London and most of the South pretty much ground (grinded??!) to a halt yesterday and to me that is rather amusing. Because, although there was lots of snow, there wasn't THAT much snow. This amount of snow would not have had the same effect in Denmark, despite the fact that Denmark rarely gets more snow than we do here these days ('when I was a young 'un...'). It would certainly have caused delays in traffic, but this much. I wonder why that is, exactly. ;-)

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