Friday, February 6, 2009

Unemployed? Yes. Bored? Hell no!

A bit of what I've spent time on in January. I'll show you more pictures soon. Right now I have dinner to prepare! Hooray for weekends! Two, nay three, whole days together with my sweetie.

Still no pictures of the 'makeover' from the other day. Light is simply too bad here at the moment. Our living room only has one source of light and it is about as far from the made over area as it can be. So. Boo.

Not that it's a terribly big make over, but it makes a huge difference anyway! Anyways, time to prepare dinner.

PS: can you suggest some animals starting with i and j? The following are no good: iguana, impala, ibex, ibis, jaguar. Need other ones, I just can't think of any...

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