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March 9, 2009

Happy sewing

I've actually made something! Something that involved the plugging in of my power tool: the sewing machine! (Get your sewing machine power tool tees here!)

I usually don't treat my mobile phones very well. My idea of protecting it is to put it in a small side pocket in my bag. But most of the time I just end up chucking it into the bag. But times they are a-changing. My new fancy mobile needed something better than that, so this morning I made a cosy for it. I love it! And I think I can actually manage to use it. It is made from two layers of felt and the fabric was part of the beautiful swap with Ms Happy Squirrel. Finally got round to using some of it. Yay!

Oh and, speaking of, you should totally check out what she has been making with some of the bits I sent her: Beautiful pink pillow, little bag. Aren't they great?!

PS: do you want a tutorial for the cozy? It is very simple to make, so I am only going to (happily) write up the tutorial if you will find it useful.

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