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March 9, 2009

Loving Seawhite

I've got a new bunch of sketchbooks. Yay! Again from Seawhite of Brighton. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are really affordable (and P&P isn't too dear either!) and of a pretty good quality. They even hold watercolour washes without the pages going funny.

This time I went for smaller size books; 1 small square chunky (I absolutely adore chunky sketchbooks!), 1 A6 landscape, 1 A5 landscape and 1 A5 portrait. Although I really love their large square chunky, it is just too big for most of my bags and it's probably not a good idea to carry a chunky chap like that around on a regular basis. I have a favourite bag that would agree with that, the straps are coming apart and it's leather so I can't really fix it. *sob*

So, smaller sketchbooks it is for now. If you want your own, and I really think you should if you use sketchbooks, you can get them from Seawhite's outlet for private customers, artesaver.com. They have loads of different kinds of sketchbooks and they also do lots of other art materials.

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