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March 12, 2009


Time management is not one of my strongest suits, so I am always rushing around gettings in order for when my dear husband comes home from work. There's really no need for him to see exactly how messy and all over the place I can be (hello, living room floor full of fabric!)

But today, everything is done, the housework, going to the shops - all before lunch! Heck, I even prepared everything for dinner! I feel so serene, I can't believe it! So now all I have to do is sit here and look pretty. Even today's crafting session wasn't a messy one.

Anyway, I really just wanted to point you in the direction of Linda's blog The Best Free Craft Articles. As the name says; lots of free how-to's and stuff. There's a cool list of crafty podcasts that I must check out at some point. She is even featuring a few of my tutorials at the moment!For example, how to decorate a cup or mug, my yellow mobile and more. Pretty awesome! Thanks, Linda!

Also, just to let Jesse and my sister know: yesterday I finally sent your small but pretty prizes from the 1000 posts giveaway. Hope you like 'em! Sorry about the delay, but what can you do? Time management = not my strongest suit. ;-)

The picture is from my parents' garden when we were there last September. The tree is my dad's apple tree. My dad's. And don't you forget it. ;-)

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