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March 2, 2009

Slowly surfacing…


This is just about all the creative stuff I’ve managed in, oh, just about 2 weeks. A handful of stamps. Oh and a few watercolour doodles (no pics today.. computer is as sluggish as I am).  


Quite happy with them, though. Especially the blue flower and the green leaves on the left. I could quite happily stamp on any surface. If it stays still long enough. ;-)

     new oldstamps

Here are the new stamps with a bunch of older ones. It is quite nice to see the little collection grow.

Well, time to make some dinner, I think. Just for me tonight. It is so weird.. apart from one day, Tony and I have spent every single day together in the last 2 weeks because he has been home with the flu. But today he is back at work and after work he is going to a Metallica concert (with his boss!), so he’ll be home late and I won’t see him aaaall day! *sob*


PS – if this post looks a bit ‘different’ I am blaming it on Windows Live Writer which I’m trying at the moment. Looks quite good so far – it can even do some image tweaking! We shall see how it goes…

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