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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So much stuff

We've borrowed a carpet cleaner from Tony's sister and yesterday Tony had the day off work so we could, er, get to work on the carpets. Moving furniture and stuff from living room to bedroom, cleaning carpet, wait for it to dry, shuffle furniture to the dry parts, clean the rest, wait for it to dry overnight. And this morning I've been putting everything back. Tomorrow evening, the sofa or the bedroom floor. A lot of work, and it doesn't look like it made a terribly big difference. Although the dirty water that was sucked out of the carpet would definitely suggest otherwise!

But the moving about of stuff has had a knock-on effect: I've had a proper sorting through of a LOT of stuff. There's now nothing under the sofa, very little under the coffee table, and under the bed, well! I've thrown away seveal bags worth of stuff (so much stuff, what is up with that?!)

There is also a large bag (picture) of things I've made. I've taken a good look at it all and asked myself that all important question: is this making me happy when it is just lying under the bed gathering dust? The answer, of course, is no, so something is going to happen with them...

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