Monday, March 16, 2009

Tiny jar with crochet

Yesterday it occurred to me that crocheting a cover for this teeny tiny honey jar would be a great idea. And you know what? I think it was.

It took away a bit of the sick feeling from watching Mamma Mia. We lasted about 20 minutes. Seriously, all the girly screaming? And from the middle-aged women? No thank you.

But the jar I am liking. By the way, this is the reverse of the crochet. It is prettier in this case, I think. Of course, the jar is way too small to actually hold anything. Unless you've got any ideas?

And the other problem is that now I feel compelled to cover more jars in crochet, but I haven't got any!!


Ruby said...

This is SO cute. Do you have a pattern for it that would be suitable for a beginner??

_scarlet said...

Make your own lip balm and keep it in there, that would be so cute.