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April 17, 2009

Much more than tiny

Oh looky, looky, looky what the ppostmas brought me the other day! A parcel! For me! With lots and lots of colourful stamps on it! Huzzah!

Let's just look a bit closer on those stamps. I really like the blue and gold one in the middle. But those wine ones are also quite appealing, despite me rarely toughing the stuff. ;-)

Oh and more! I really like the lighthouse there in the corner - I assume it's a lighthouse, I can't know for sure, because I don't understnad Portuguese! And I just realised that there are stamps along one of the sides of the parcel as well. How cool! You'd never see that from boring Royal mail, they just print out a boring white sticker.

This is what was in the parcel. Also terribly lovely! And it all came about when I posted my teeny tiny jar with its crochet cover, remember that one? Mela then very kindly emailed me asking me if I'd like some more teeny jars because she had some. So it was just supposed to be tiny jars, but oh as you can tell it is so much more!

Fabric, some of which I already have a sorta, kinda idea for. Some cards/prints, tiny doilies that she has made and even a Moleskine cahier covered in pretty flower paper.

Take a look at the print, isn't it pretty? I love botanical prints and this may just be the start of me actually collecting them. And as soon as I get a frame, I'll hang this on the wall. Yes, sir!

And then, look, in one of the teeny jars were some little buttons - how fricking adorable is that pink elephant?!

And in one of the other jars were a handful of tiny, tiny paper cranes.

Oh thank you so much, Mela! I am still a bit stunned over this abundance and that it should fall into my lap. :-)

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