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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank yous

I have a few thank you cards to hand out to lovely people who have kindly featured the blog and such.

First, Sarah of Babazeka contacted me asking if she could talk about me on her blog. Of course! It is a really lovely blog - with lots of colour, yay! You must check it out. Thank you, Sarah. :-)

A little while ago, Amy mentioned me in the "7 New Ways To Appreciate Crochet" post on 7 of. 7 of is very interesting in that there is '7 of' something in each blog post. And those somethings are usually also very interesting and inspiring. Definitely one to check out as well. Thanks, Amy!

Also, thank you to both Craft and Craftstylish for mentioning the Bicycle Seat Crochet Cover!

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