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May 23, 2009

Colours wip

So, this is how the Monday mini quilt is looking so far. Although can it technically be called a quilt when there's no middle layer? Anyway, I am still debating with myself how to quilt it. I am thinking of using white straight stitches or maybe red stitches. I dunno, there's just so many possibilities because of all the colours! What would you do?

The back is a light yellow and how cool does it all look up against the light?! It looks like stained glass. Imagine it as a curtain. Well, maybe not..

Apart from a few bits it is made entirely from scraps, I've even used a couple of selvedge. I think it is quite nice to use up scraps, even very little ones. Some of the pieces I've used are not 3cm wide. It is a fun puzzle to see if you can use it all but still have it be pleasing to look at.

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