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May 13, 2009

Granny A Day 29

I still need to make some more granny squares and then I am ready to put the whole thing together. But seeing as I can't crochet at the moment, it may be a while before that happens.

I sooo want to crochet - but I really, really have to be sensible so my thumb can get back to normal. Fingers crossed the drugs do their magic soon! ;-)

Speaking of crochet, that is the topic after all... ;-)

I've got too many crochet hooks! Er, ah, I mean, uhh... I have too many duplicate sizes! So, I am going to put them on eBay - but before I do that, and to save having to pay eBay fees, I thought you might be interested. They haven't been used. Cost is including postage to the UK. Email me if you're interested. :-)

£ 1.75

£ 1.75

£ 1.75

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