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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home and back again

Hey, we're back from Denmark. We had a nice time, celebrating my birthday with friends and my parents. Went on an outing with my parents and my dad bought a bright green old car. Craziness! And I got a crazy amount of yarn. But more about all that later - haven't got any pictures of the yarn!

We are (unfortunately) going back to Denmark on Wednesday to take part in my grandad's funeral. He passed away last night, with the family around him. He had his 91th birthday in early April and was doing fairly well, apart from going through dialysis treatment a few times a week (for the past 11 years), until he had a fall about a week ago. I am glad that we were in Denmark so I could say goodbye to him - although he wasn't able to respond and probably wasn't too aware what was going on around him. But he is at peace now, and we are thankful for that and for the fact that it was not a long drawn-out period of time for him. Rest in peace, farfar.

I will try and get through some of my emails before Wednesday, but I think you will understand if replies are a bit slow. :-)

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