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May 13, 2009

In bloom

Goodmorning! Er, maybe a slightly less enthusiastic goodmorning is more appropriate, it is kinda gray and drizzly here... Ah well, makes a good excuse for looking through some of my photos from Denmark.

Like these of my dad's apple tree. The one above (notice that little red guy?) and the following 3 were taken on my birthday - before the sun started shining properly.

You can almost feel the tension in the buds - ripe and ready to burst into bloom.

And a little over a week later, they certainly had.

I love apple blossoms. Well, pretty much any spring blossom is great in my book. But there's just something about apple blossoms... do you know what it is?

I wish I had an apple tree. Or an orchard of apple trees. You only need 5 for that. It's true, I saw it on TV.

Oh and look, there's another little guy that wanted to be photographed. Hadn't even noticed him until after I took the picture.

I hope we can go back next year for the apple blossoming....

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