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May 11, 2009

Raspberry in the sun

We're back from Denmark, but it may be a couple of days before things are up to their normal speed (or normal lack of it, heh). After two weeks of mostly being in Denmark there is a bit of tidying and washing and other stuff to do.

Pictures are coming of recent granny squares, apple blossoms, yarn, a day out with my parents and some of my birthday presents! But first, I have to take a shower, then call the doctor to get an appointment so I can get my thumb looked at that has been acting a bit silly the last few weeks. Such fun.

That bottle up there, by the way, is from that day out with my parents. I came across it left on a table. I wanted to take it with me (in Denmark you also pay a small amount for the bottle when you buy soft drinks or beer or whatever, but you get the money back when you return it to a bottle recycling machine thingy. Meaning that most bottles get recycled in Denmark, hurrah!), but Tony wouldn't let me. So I took a picture instead. It is quite pretty too, isn't it?

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