Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creative space - now with baking

I've had several projects on the go in my creative space(s), one of them is this gocco print... all will be revealed very soon. I can give you one hint, though: tote bags. ;-)

And painting... also a work in progress.. Not so much a secret project as a 'not showing it until it's done' thing. Which reminds me, I think I've got a couple of paintings to show you... Oh that reminds me, can any of you recommend a book with pictures of Arctic animals?

Does baking count as a creative pursuit? Even if it's from a mix where you just add water and yeast? This is rugbrød, rye bread, which is something Danes eat a lot. You can buy soemthing similar overhere but it's nowhere near as good as what you can get in any Danish supermarket.

Anyway, I bought this mix in the Scandinavian Kitchen in London before Christmas (BEFORE Christmas!) and I only just got round to making it. But I do get it all to myself, because Tony doesn't like this kind of bread. Weirdo! ;-)

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