Thursday, June 4, 2009

I heart my creative space

My creative space this Thursday. I've been making some Happyscapes lately. I stopped making them for a while, but now I feel the.. urge again. Maybe it's a summery thing? Need some Happyscapes... :-)

Also, working on a new freehand embroidery. I really like just stitching away with no plan in mind. I stitch (because I can, ha ha) because I like the repetitive motion of it. Like meditation...

Some of the other folks with creative spaces are finding accidental (or not so) hearts in their spaces... and there are some in mine too. Completely by accident, too! Lovely. :-)

Have a look at the picture over on Flickr - when I get a chance I'll do some notes on it. But right now I've got some dinner to make! Lasagne! Yay!

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