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June 8, 2009

Mosaic Monday, June 8

1. Odette still life 2, 2. DSC04677, 3. Craving | Illustration friday, 4. cut cut cut ✄, 5. There's Plenty More Where That Came From, 6. markkite, 7. Prague, 8. icecreamstar, 9. Wooden Letters, 10. zèbres, 11. Vazac's, 12. edm #190 draw my palette ( 08), 13. colour palette, 14. simple truth, 15. Toad, 16. Cheery cherry

Oh my, we've had a bit of a crappy weekend here - Tony's not been well and I've had too much stuff on my mind. But we're both feeling better now. Thank ye very much! ;-)

We walked down the High street in town this afternoon and we passed a woman with her two little kids. Just as we were passing them, one of them said "muuuuummy..? I love you". How freakin' cute is that??

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