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June 16, 2009

Thunder, light, magic

Looking out at the blue sky this morning it is hard to believe that it looked like this last night.

We had the most spectacular thunderstorm. With lightening whipping across the sky, attempting to break it in half. I love that crackling, rumblig sound of thunder. It is nature in all its glory. Doing what it has always done. There is something so ancient about thunder - no wonder people used to think it was the gods having a bit of a bowling game (ok, that's my interpretation...)

Of course, the gutters couldn't keep up with all the rain so we had several little waterfalls going on.

See the tree in the middle there? That whitish blob next to it is where the water from the 'waterfall' touches down, splashing in the water on the ground. It is silly, but something like that delights me to no end.

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