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July 24, 2009

Bird embroidery patterns

Oh me! Oh my! I am all a-twitter with joy because I can finally show you my bird patterns! I do hope you like them - they have been so much fun to make. And I suspect that I am not entirely done making birdie patterns. Because, well, you know, there's like a million different birds out there!

They are available in pairings like you see them in the images: lady duck (what is mrs duck called?) and robin; macaw and flamingo; gull and puffin. You have to be seriously coldhearted not to love that little puffin guy. Just look at him!

Can't you just imagine them all on a quilt? Maybe with even more birds! Because, I am not done with the birds yet, remember? Or how about all in a row in embroidery hoops? They are all available in the shop.

And! There's more: a free penguin pattern for your stitching pleasure. Yay! You can download it by rightclicking on this link and then 'save link' or simply click on the image below and then save the pdf file you are taken to.

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