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July 29, 2009

Borders and art supplies

On Monday we went to London (Tony had the day off) to go to the Borders on Oxford Street which unfortunately is closing down. They are having a closing down sale where everything is half price. We should have gone last Monday, though, because it was a bit of a jumble and there weren't really any craft books left.

And boy, being there really reminded me of when Woolworths was closing down. The messy shelves and the cordoned off areas and the vultures picking over the leftovers (only this time I was one of the vultures - I even put something down on a different shelf than the one I found it on!)

So, I didn't get any real craft books but I did pick up a couple of neat books - I'll show and tell about them very soon. Want to read in them a bit more before subjecting you to my opinion about them. ;-)

We also went to Cass Art in Berwick Street (off Oxford Street) so I could buy some paint and stuff. And would you believe my luck, they had a sale on! I probably spent the same on all of this as I would had I ordered the gesso alone online. Which is why I splashed out and bought a whole pack of PITT pens. Yay!

Cass Art really is one of my all time favourite art supply shops. So if you are in the general area and in need of anything to do with drawing or painting, that's the place to go. At the moment they even have Moleskines on sale! Oh and they also carry my favourite sketchbooks, the ones from Seawhite.

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