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July 17, 2009

Sewing machine exercise

Well, whaddaya know, I actually do make something else apart from embroidery from time to time. Here is the proof! A softie version of my Little Red Ridinghood. It's only taken me a month to get her all sewn together. Pretty fast, huh? ;-)

And more sewing! A custom order for a slim pencil case and a phone cosy. A phone cosy that is closed but has no closures. It's like magic! ;-)

I also made a potato bag. A what? Well, Tony's dad has an allotment and from time to we get potatoes from him. And it'd be a darn shame to stick them in a plastic bag, don't you think? Come to think of it, even if you buy your potatoes in a bag in the supermarket, it might be an idea to transfer them to a fabric bag or a basket (with a lid). I think potatoes would be happiest like that. :-)

So, yes, not everything is embroidery around here, but of couse most of it is. There's a new pattern afoot and I'll show you a bit later. For now, back to tuning our honeymoon pictures.

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