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July 17, 2009

Stitchin' Summer Garden

There is something nice about working on something that is symmetrical. It is calming, meditative. Well, most embroidery is. Except for cross stitch, it makes me nauseuos, strangely.

And have you noticed that I am actually using a fairly limited palette here? I find that really challenging! I have to really restrain myself from using every single colour in my thread stash. :-) Anyone else have that 'problem'?

Although, obviously symmetrical should be used loosely when looking at my sample there. It's a wee bit lopsided at the bottom. The pattern, of course, isn't lopsided. But feel free to make it so, if you desire. ;-)

Available here (4 available) and here (2). :-)

Oh and before I forget, I finally got a Flcikr group up and running for those of you who feel like showing off some Polka & Bloom stitchin'! Go join here.

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