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September 3, 2009

Diaster in the creative space

I've been finishing up some loose sewing ends today. Like these trousers. I am short so pockets that go half down my thigh is not the best look, so today I faced my fears and ripped open the seams to move the pockets up. You can see in the (crummy, sorry about that) picture how much I moved the pocket. It actually went ok. The stitching isn't perfect, but hey-ho. But I only got one side down, because, you see, my sewing machine is broken.

I needed to add some extra strength to the carry on bag I made a while ago. And I was almost done, I was literally mere centimetres from the finish line, when, horror of HORRORS, the needle somehow got loose and went straight into the [insert proper sewing machine term] wheel that holds the bobbin casing. At first I thought it was ok, just pull the needle out and carry on. But no. The needle has somehow dented that wheel thingy, so it keeps catching on the needle.

So. Broken sewing machine. I am currently looking for repair places in the vicinity*, although I won't be able to do anything until we come back from Denmark. But I am considering maybe getting a new machine - depending on what repair would cost.

No more sewing for me. Well, I'm bringing the trousers with me to Denmark so I can finish the job on my mum's machine.

More (happier, I hope!) creative spaces over here.

*If you know of a good sewing machine repair guy or gal in the south Essex (UK) area, PLEASE get in touch!

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