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September 29, 2009

Ready for autumn?

Are you ready for autumn? Has it sneakily, deadly but silent, crept up on you? Frantically looking for woolly sweaters and mittens for those cold mornings? I mean, can you believe that it's almost Oc-bloomin'-tober!?

Maybe you're like me? A little bit blue because we're now really heading for the darker days. But also a bit happy because it is time for thick socks, snuggling under blankets with a book or a crafty project...

Well, to celebrate the cosiness and ward off the chilliness, I have put together a little something for you. It's a small digital 'parcel' with 10 leaves, a couple of leaf borders and even a merry happy birthday message. All in happy, bright autumn-y colours.

Use them to create fun autumn greetings or ornaments or other fun stuff! But please remember that they are only for your own personal use. :-) You can download them (it's a zipped file in a .rar format) by right-clicking on the link and then on 'save link as'. Autumn Leaves Happy Stuff.

Don't bother copying the images straight from this blog post - they aren't a good enough resolution to be of much use. ;-)

And, as I was playing around with these leaves, well, I had to turn them into a fabric pattern, so hopefully, I'll get that printed in the near future.

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