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October 17, 2009

Annamoa from IKEA

I am sorry these pictures aren't the best, but I hope you can still tell how awesome these fabrics from IKEA are. They are both called Annemoa, but as you can tell, they are different. And there are another 3 with that name too. All designed by the same person, Lotta K├╝hlhorn, and all large, funky prints. I really wish that IKEA would stop doing this, 4-5-7 different, but similar, fabrics all with the same name. It's kinda confusing. And it shouldn't be that difficult for them to keep track of a different name for each one these days. There's this thing called a computer which could do that in a cinch. ;-)

Anyway, these fabrics. Awesome. Love the colours, really vibrant and the prints are fun and happy. Much better colours in reality than the pictures on the IKEA website suggests.
Actually, I want to ask you if you have the similar experience with the fabric department in IKEA as I do. In our IKEA (Thurrock) you cut the yardage yourself and then you have to have it weighed and they put it in a sealed bag with a price sticker and barcode on it.

If there is actually someone around in the fabric department, you can be absolutely sure that the moment you have cut the last piece of fabric you need, they will vanish into thin air. So you are left standing there for ages. And of course, there's noone else in the nearby departments either. When they finally do show up again, usually you don't even get an apology for waiting. Seriously, this is not an isolated case, it happens everytime. So, we have started to just weigh it ourselves and print off the sticker.

So many times I have thought about writing to them and complain about it. It is really frustrating! Has anyone else experienced this in their local IKEA?

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